TREBLAB HD7 | Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker - Incredible Value w/ Superior Sound

Over the past couple months, I’ve had the pleasure of testing the HD7 wireless speaker from Treblab. Throughout my testing, I primarily used the speaker outside, in the shower, and in my living space. The sound quality, in my opinion, was beyond anything I can find for the price — which alone makes this a great purchase.  


Here’s some key points that I think are important to note about this Bluetooth speaker:

Sound Quality:

They have 12W speakers w/ surround sound and DualBass technology. That is a recipe for a great sound — which is has! The bass, in particular, was very surprising because of how small the device is. When compared to the Amazon Echo Dot, for example, it was clear that the TREBLAB HD7 Wireless Speaker produced a louder sound-signature, more of a punchy bass, and was slightly-more clear for podcasts.


The speaker is very small & compact — it is extremely easy to carry around in my bag or to put in small areas. There were countless times where I just used the included carabiner clip to attach it to my bag and carry it around with me. I will add that the option to attach the speaker to something like a bike is a nice touch that’s worth adding.

Bluetooth Connectivity + Reliability: 

This speaker has Bluetooth 5.0 technology — this helped a lot because the connection was always very strong. Compared to Bluetooth 4.0, this is miles better! I personally never experienced any issues with the music cutting-out or lagging. For a speaker below $50, this is certainly very impressive to have included. 

Microphone + Call Quality:

Overall, the microphones are decent. During phone calls, there were times where the person on the other end couldn’t hear me well; however, for the most part, the microphones were more-than capable of completing calls. I would compare the call quality to be similar to most other Bluetooth speakers available online.

Battery Life:

In my usage, I consistently got around 23-25 hours of playtime; this is slightly less-than the advertised 30-hours of playtime that’s advertised. This could be because I was usually listening to the audio at a higher-volume, but nonetheless the battery life is quite impressive for something as small as it is.

Overall Thoughts:

I think the Bluetooth speaker from TREBLAB is one of incredible quality for an amazing value ($50 is a steal for this). The sound, overall, is better than similarly-priced speakers, like the Echo Dot, and the fact that it’s water-resistant adds additional value and convenience to the already decent package. I would certainly recommend checking this one out — I am sure this will be a great option for a holiday gift! 


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