Is Youtube TV the Best Way to Stream Live TV?

In a time where everyone is cutting cables for streaming services, we want to think about what the best service is. Especially with DTV Now about to raise prices and cut channels this question is popping up more and more now. Today we take a look at Youtube TV an underused substitute to competitors like DTV. 

Youtube TV provides around 40 channels for just $40 a month along with unlimited DVR recording. They also have a variety of readily available TV shows and movies for you to view. Along with exclusive Youtube TV content such as Karate Kid spinoff show Cobra Kai. Although the quality of unique content is not up to standards of Netflix or Hulu, there are still some good shows on it. With recordings, preloaded shows, and exclusive content there is always something to watch if there is nothing good on live TV.

Some people do have a problem with the amount and quality of channels offered. As someone who doesn't watch a lot of TV, there are a few channels that I missed. The biggest missing channel is Food Network as there is no substitute. They have the Tastemade channel which is just an Instagram TV show that has no place on a real channel line up. The good news is that all the basic channels that are missing can be found for $16. The bad news is you need to purchase another TV subscription. Philo TV has a basic channel list that has little overlap and has most of the channels that someone is looking for. At a combined price of $56 that is still less than a competitors price.

Usability wise Youtube TV is pretty easy to navigate. There is a big difference between using it on your phone compared to on a laptop. It is easy to see what is playing on both a phone and a computer. What's nice is they give you a nice preview of what is playing before you cast it. But with your phone, it does not tell you what will be playing next unless you select the channel information. On a laptop, it does show what will be playing next, so it's better to use on a computer sometimes. Though this happens, it makes it a lot easier to navigate channel selection compared to services like Sling TV. Not seeing what's up next can be annoying mainly when its five minutes before the next hour as all shows are about to end. Not the end of the world but its something that can be improved easily. Along with that issue what can be annoying is when you search for items it might pull up standard Youtube Selections. Easy to see whats regular Youtube and what is Youtube TV but its something that does not need to be added. Overall the interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It's also easy to see what you are recording and easy to schedule the recordings as well. 

If you combine this service with a Google Home and Chromecast you are getting the best deal as each company is owned by Google everything syncs together easily. Never look for the remote again as everything can be done by asking google. Change the channel, volume, or even rewind with just your voice from any room. As known, this can sync with a variety of other services as well but does seem to work best with Youtube TV. 

Overall Youtube TV is our current favourite if you are looking for a cheap live TV provider. Due to its price, content, and ability to sync with other products. Along with a user-friendly interface that anyone can pick up and use fast. Additionally, with the option to get Philo TV to cover missing channels, it's the perfect system. We give it a 9 out of 10 at this time and would recommend to everyone at Techlifetoday Co.

Let us know in the comments what streaming service you would like to review next!

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