DIRECTV NOW Adds Boomerang & Revolt Channels for Grandfathered Packages; will be removed after one-month


UPDATE 03/25/19: Techlifetoday Co. has received an email from DIRECTV NOW earlier this afternoon -- confirming our reporting from 03/24/19. Below is a screenshot of the email we received. 

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Earlier this week, DIRECTV NOW nearly experienced a blackout of Viacom networks due to a contract disagreement. During negotiations, AT&T surprised many by adding the Boomerang and Revolt channels to all former (or "grandfathered") plans, including "Live a Little", "Just Right", "Go Big", and "Gotta Have It".

Now Techlifetoday Co. has exclusively learned that AT&T is testing the popularity out with these channels, and will be removing them from all grandfathered plans (ones that didn't have the channels before), sometime in the next month.

Late Sunday evening, Techlifetoday Co. got in contact with DIRECTV NOW support and got the following statement by representative Sophia when asked about the added channels:

Boomerang channel is exclusively one month free previous on Directv Now. - Sophia, DIRECTV NOW Representative  

When we asked the representative to look into this further, she claimed to have talked to her supervisor and said the following:

I checked with the line channel up, currently the Boomerang channel is updated for Plus, Max, Gotta Have it pack customers. 

And given one month free-preview for Live a Little, Just right and Go big grandfathered customers.

Since you have given one month free preview, requested to wait for a month based on customers feedback, it may be included with other packages. -  Sophia, DIRECTV NOW Representative  

While DIRECTV NOW support is known for providing inaccurate information, it wouldn't be the first time DIRECTV NOW has added channels that usually aren't available on some packages to just test the customers feedback. 


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  • Riley Devero

    DTV is the absolute worst service there is. If they take away these new channels I am gone for good. Anything will be better than them at this point with there insane price increase and channel drops

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