AirPods 2 rumors: Specs, Price, Features, etc.

Apple has an event planned on March 25th...does that mean the AirPods 2 will finally see the light of day?

The AirPods are undeniably one of Apple's most successful accessories of all time. So if rumors from the past week give any indication on the future of the product, it looks like we'll see a new one right around the corner. 

If you are currently looking at purchasing the Apple AirPods -- or any other pair of wireless earphones for that matter -- you should probably wait until the March 25th event to see what Apple has in store. 

Likely to be named the AirPods 2, there will be a variety of improvements and refinements from the older AirPods 1st Generation. Here's a run-down of some of the new features:

Design Updates:

  • New Matte Finish: The new AirPods are expected to have a matte finish, similar to last years Apple Pencil refresh. This is likely to fix certain issues that the 1st Generation AirPods have had -- like the casing scratching without much effort, dirt getting stuck in the case, etc. 
  • New Colors: Multiple sites are currently claiming that the AirPods 2, or whatever they'll call the future earphones, will be available in at least two colors; White and Black. Other than that, it looks like the case will look identical to the originals. 

Feature Updates:

  • Wireless Charging: This one is pretty obvious, given the fact that Apple announced a wireless version of the AirPods case all the way back in 2017 for the release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. 
  • Improved Bass: While this isn't confirmed, it has been reported that the AirPods 2 will improve one of the main issues with the original AirPods, the bass. 
  • Always-on Siri: As reported late last year, AirPods 2 will support a feature that the HomePod and many other devices in the Apple ecosystem have -- "Hey Siri". 
  • New Bluetooth 5.0: Apple is expected to also upgrade the AirPods 2 with their new W2 chip, which offers Bluetooth 5.0 support. This should result in longer range and the possibility of improved battery-life. 


While there's not much evidence to back this up, there are rumors that the AirPods 2 will see a price-bump -- similar treatment that most Apple products received last year. Rumors claim that the price will bump-up to $199, however I would expect the price to stay at the $159 price-point to better compete with rivals like Samsung with their Galaxy Buds


What do you think? What will Apple announce at the event? Let us know in the comments below. 

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