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DIRECTV NOW Adds Boomerang & Revolt Channels for Grandfathered Packages; will be removed after one-month

  UPDATE 03/25/19: Techlifetoday Co. has received an email from DIRECTV NOW earlier this afternoon -- confirming our reporting from 03/24/19. Below is a screenshot of the email we received.  ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Earlier this week, DIRECTV NOW nearly experienced a blackout of Viacom networks due to a contract disagreement. During negotiations, AT&T surprised many by adding the Boomerang and Revolt channels to all former (or "grandfathered") plans, including "Live a Little", "Just Right", "Go Big", and "Gotta Have It". Now Techlifetoday Co. has exclusively learned that AT&T is testing the popularity out with these channels, and will be removing them from all grandfathered plans (ones that didn't have the channels before), sometime in the next month. Late Sunday evening, Techlifetoday Co. got...

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Apple Launches New AirPods, iMacs, and iPads

Throughout the past week, Apple has been launching a bunch of devices. On Monday, Apple announced an update to the iPad lineup. On Tuesday, Apple revealed new iMacs. Then on Wednesday, new AirPods were revealed, with a now infamous meme by Tim Cook (look below for an example).  Here's everything Apple has announced this week: Monday: New iPads So the week of "Applemas" started on Monday, March 18th, with a new lineup of iPads. To start, they released an update to the iPad mini -- a device most people thought Apple would kill-off their lineup any-day.  Additionally, they released a new iPad Air, which was certainly a surprise to many.  iPad mini Specs and Information: Starting at $399 7.9” Retina display A12 Bionic chip Touch ID...

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Google Stadia: The Gaming Platform with No Console

Last week Google unveiled what they think is the future of gaming in the Google Stadia. The new device is unique because it has no console that is needed. This system will instead rely on multiple devices such as computers, laptops, phones, and tablets. This would allow someone to transfer over their one controller to various places. It would be right on trend with cord cutting and cable box removal. Other features include 4K HDR at 60FPS No updates/No downloads Cloud-Based Easy to switch right from Youtube to a game With these stats, it seems like the Google Stadia will be an excellent system to have. Depending on the price we would consider getting it. The real question is how...

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Review of Essential Equipment for Video Blogging in 2019

This is a Guset Post submitted to Techlifetoday Co.’s Editorial Board. Written by: Anna Clarke Video blogging or ‘Vlogging’ is one of the most popular forms of content on the internet today. Vlogs can range from personal travel experience videos to product review blogs. Their popularity is growing day-by-day, and a lot of content producers have managed to monetise their Vlogs. To build a successful Vlog, there is a lot of homework that needs to be done. Firstly, a lot of Vloggers start merely by using their phone cameras to capture and edit videos. However, a better way to create Vlogs is to use high-end technical equipment. Not only does this improve the quality of the Vlogs, but it also...

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Oculus Quest Rumored Release

Back in 2018 Facebook announced the next version of Oculus would be coming out in early 2019. Since the announcement, we have heard tons of news and even had a featured video about it on the official site. The new design is to be more potent than the Rift was without all the cords. With revolutionary technology, they cut wires and can sense things in real time as well as they say "No PC. No wires. No limits." As of now, we have no information about the release date or real specifics on what you can do with the Quest. As expected we can be sure to see some groundbreaking games. Vader Immortal, Moss, and The Climb are the three games seen on...

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